Exercise Videos Are Available For All Your Muscles

Like every muscle in your body, your penis needs its own set of exercises to maintain its health. If you are having a hard time with premature ejaculation it is no different than training a bicep. You have to train all of your muscles to perform the way that you want them to whether we are talking about strength or endurance. Finding the right exercises to condition your junk is just as important, if not more so, than any other.


There are all sorts of advice and aids out there on ways to last longer. Making sure that they are reputable and will actually work is imperative. It may sound ridiculous, but utilizing the wrong advice add more anxiety and frustration to the problem. Just like muscles, your penis can not be trained to work effectively overnight. It too will take lots of practice and the right moves to get it working the way that you want.

There are videos out there that go step by step through the process of delaying ejaculation. They give real-life practical advice on ways to last longer. There are things you can do which will help. They present techniques such as changing positions, varying the speed and the motion, while in the act that can significantly slow things down before you reach a point where that is no longer possible. Training your organ to follow the advice of your brain is just like anything else, it takes practice and perseverance. It won’t happen instantaneously, but rest assured one thing, if you don’t address the problem you have no hope of changing it at all. At least this sort of exercise is much more pleasurable and much less punishing. Not only are you encouraged to practice along, but you are required.

You Know It’s A Problem, Now What Are You Going To Do To Solve It?

Your girlfriend may have started by telling you that she didn’t care that you came a little too early. She may have started by insisting it didn’t matter, that she was alright with it. As time with her has gone on, however, and you have done nothing to solve your problem of premature ejaculation, you may be hearing that it is no longer okay. If that is the case and you are looking for ways to last longer in order to save your relationship, there are certain steps that you can take to overcome your problem. If you are able to enlist her help, even better, you can solve the problem together.

If you are honest with her about your problem and explain to her that if she is willing to help and practice with you, there is a way that you can get it under control. Lasting longer is possible and the best part is, if you can have someone you love and trust working alongside you, it won’t be work at all. The secret is learning to trust your partner enough to ask for her assistance. If you can work on a way to get it under control together, it will be much more fun. You can create lots of practice time to get it right.

The best ways to last longer are those that involve conscious changes to your routine brought about by you. If you know the feeling is coming, which you inevitably will, by varying the speed and motion, you should be able to hold off on and stop from being overcome. Take that time while taking a slower pace to do something to get her off. You’ll will both end up pleased in the end.

Learn how to delay orgasm and satisfy your woman better!


Premature ejaculation- several people all over the globe suffer from this problem, but very few have the strength enough to discuss it with their near and dear ones! This problem, if suppressed for a long period of time without any major treatment measures, can wreak a great deal of havoc in the lives of even the couples who have the strongest of bonding between them. Therefore, it is important for the people, who suffer from these problems, to find out ways on how to delay orgasm so that they are able to enjoy the sexual intercourse better and create a stronger bond.

It is a widely accepted myth that men are very hungry for sex, but women are more intense with the feeling when they are involved in a sexual act with their male partners. Men have sex simply for the sake of having it! However, men must also take the responsibility of being able to satisfy their female partners more. They need to be more intense during the act and perform better so that their partners can also derive more pleasure out of it. That is the reason why they should derive ways on how to delay orgasm and be more active during the sexual intercourse. If they are able to do so, the female partners will be able to enjoy themselves more and provide more pleasure to their partners in turn.

In a sexual intercourse, the more a person is able to satisfy their partner, the more will they be satisfied in return. It is as simple as that! Women have the desire to be involved in a sexual intercourse for a longer period of time as compared to men! Therefore, it is important for men to know how to delay orgasm and be involved in the sexual act for a longer period of time so that they can emerge from the act more satisfied and more satisfying!

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Using physical methods when you how to delay orgasm


There are many methods that can be highly conducive to increasing the overall time you end up having sex. Some of the best methods in which you understand how to delay orgasm are totally non medical and this comes as a relief to most of the people who are in search of something that can really revolutionize your sex life completely. All you will need in these processes is a little amount of patience and courage along with the proper amount of determination and confidence in yourself that you can do it without any sort of errors what so ever.

Try to always determine the topic or the thing that highly revolts you or creates a lot of revolting thoughts on your mind. Some people may have such a reaction to blood or it may also be the case of broccoli or some other sort of vegetable. Therefore, some other methods of how to delay orgasm are like practicing. Remember, that you will feel very bad when you have to say no to your girlfriend’s requests of having anal sex. The process of anal sex can be a very enjoyable method but it can also make you ejaculate within a matter of a few seconds as it is highly provocative method and greatly increases your sexual urge.

Another very conducive method of how to delay orgasm is to everyday practice the methods of masturbation with the help of a lotion and make use of this practice for at least a time of about of thirty to forty five minutes in order to ensure a proper time of well practiced self control and this will further help you in future when you are about to have serious ex with your partner. Then you will understand how the everyday sessions are greatly beneficial to your sex life. One of the main things to consider is never to think about the fact of losing confidence.

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Myths Relating to Lasting Longer in Bed

There are so many therapies and strategies these days being marketed by different therapists regarding how to last longer in bed that you might end up getting confused as to which one would be the best and most effective in your circumstances. Some of the commonly purported solutions happen to be the most misleading suggestions and you need to be careful about them. The first thing you need to remember is that there is nothing wrong with you or your body, and it is completely natural for most men to last not more than 10 minutes. Sex should be taken as a process in which you express your passion and desires with the person you love, rather than just an exhaust for the heat and hormonal rush in your body. Here are a few myths that are quite commonly believed by men and do nothing but disappoint you.

Numbing creams and sprays are quite commonly used by men to last longer in bed. They only end up making your penis numb, which contradicts the entire point of having sex altogether. There is no point of making love if you can experience the pleasure of it, and you need to remember that your partner would rather use a vibrator to satisfy herself than make love with you altogether. Avoid using such products altogether since they are harmful to your penis, and also to your partner who you are penetrating. Another common myth is that by distracting yourself, you can actually last longer in bed. Again, if you distract yourself, how would you be able to enjoy the entire experience. You would just ruin it for yourself and your partner since you would just be having sex to last longer in bed and that is that. Moreover, this technique often does not work.

There are other myths relating to lasting longer in bed but these happen to be the most common ones.


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